Palmetto St. Augustine w/ Installation

Palmetto St. Augustine w/ Sod Installation (450 sq. ft. Pallet)

  • All sod harvested locally and supplied fresh on the day of installation​

  • we prepare the ground by cultivating your soil and removing the existing grass & weeds

  • yard leveled & raked smooth in preparation for new sod

  • Fresh sod​ installed professionally with tight seems and then rolled with weighted lawn roller

  • upon completion you get our expert maintenance Instructions

Palmetto St. Augustine w/ Installation

  • Palmetto St. Augustine is a patented turfgrass with superior color and thinner blades than typical St. Augustine. It typically forms a dense layer keeping out most other grasses and weeds. It is perennial and is widely found throughout Texas and the Southern United States. 

    St. Augustine is great for residential and commercial use and is able to perform well in most soil conditions. It is also extremely salt tolerant and loves moist environments.